About Birryani

The legendary name original from Hyderabad Mughal dish explains itself about variety of authentic Non-Veg and Vegetarian rice dishes “Birryani”. The Birryani is loved worldwide and it’s very popular. Bringing people together to socialize and celebrate the freeing and delivering spirit of "Birryani" was the concept's founding premise, from which the brand promise, a Mobile App, It’s Always “Birryani" was born.

Download Birryani App and just with press of a button away, your fresh and delicious Birryani arrives at your doorstep in moments. Enjoy Indian Chef’s delight.

Powerful Features

Craving for Birryani? Just pick-up your phone and order from nearest delivery vehicle. App live stream indicates estimated time of arrival for nearest or selected vehicle. Select vehicle and order from menu; Appetizers, Entrees, Sides and Beverages. Track your order on live tracking with minute to minute ETA update. Superfast Delivery.

Cashless Payment

Option to pay with Cash on delivery or Cashless with Credit Card on your profile. You may tip the Delivery Attendant along with your order through Credit Card.

Advance Booking

Planning to through a party at home, office or elsewhere? Biiryani App has ability to process your order in advance for future time and date, with all that piece of mind for you.

Rating Food and Service

Your feedback matters! We strongly believe in constantly improving our services with a fast pace changing world. Your experience with Birryani rating and feedback keep us well connect to you.

Why Choose Birryani

Birryani lovers have spoken, and once again, they ranked us #1 in customer satisfaction and product quality among all other Birryanis on planet. Promising Fresh, Guaranteed Authentic. Let's celebrate. With Birryani, of course!

  • Is there any charge for App download from App Store or Play Store?
  • No charge for App download. It’s Free.
  • Why do I need a valid Credit Card to create profile, even though I want to pay Cash?
  • You have an option to choose and pay Credit or Cash while ordering. Our smart ordering system needs a payment security to process your order, therefore a valid Credit Card is required for assurance.
  • Is there any cancellation fee if I cancel my order?
  • There is no cancellation fee if the order is cancelled within 60 seconds from order time, with full refund. After 60 seconds of placing orders, cancellation fee may apply depending upon terrain you’re ordering from.
  • How do I order?
  • it’s very simple. Select delivery location, select the closet delivery vehicle, select items from menu, add to you cart, review your order, and checkout.
  • Do Birryani serve Zabiha Halal meat?
  • Yes, It’s 100% Zabiha Halal meat and Halal ingredients.
  • Can I order party or event size large orders in advance?
  • Yes, Advance Booking for future time and date will deliver party and events size of orders.

Want to become Delivery Boy and earn more on every order?

We’re delivering something people eat every day. Whether it’s United States, India, UK or Australia, getting a fresh meal from Birryani delivered instantly, with every order you’re earning extra income. Birryani is humbly becoming part of daily life around the world. Affiliate with our Supply Center and start earning today.


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Chicken Birriyani


Mutton Birriyani


Egg Birriyani


Veg Birriyani


Prawn Birriyani

  • "What a service! Right down from ordering up to delivery, everything was so smooth. The staff will go that extra mile to take care of you. Biryani was some of the good ones I've had in a really long time. The food is rich so do not go by the portion size as you may regret not ordering more. One app that I'll be referring to my friends and family."


  • "The best thng about Birryani is that the food that you get is worth the money you pay! The Mutton Biryani suppled by them is probably one of the best you will ever eat! The Biryani is excellent and the other food is of high quality. The Devliery service was also exceptional."


  • "The best Biriyani you would ever have And calling the delivery staff courteous is an understatement- they make sure you are comfortable and work hard on timed delivery."


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